Sunday, March 19, 2006

Scrub the National Civilian Community Corps?

How is abandoning a working, functioning, well-inentioned program that produces results like the NCCC a good idea? WAPO has more.

Of all that exists in "big government" that is fundamentally corrupt, broken, and/or just doesn't work, this is the best place to start making cuts? The president calls our nation to serve the country, then destroys the tools that make it possible. Add this to the list of horrible decisions made by this administration.


Blogger Josh said...

This is absolutely absurd that the Bush administration would pull some crap like this. I still to this day can't see how he was re-relected.

This program to me seems very beneficial to all of what has gone on, more specifically: hurricane Katrina victims. It encourages young adults to get up and help out others who have been through such disasters, and now Bush wants to eliminate it.

What's next to be cut? Mediacare?

Sheesh this is ridiculous.

Sun Mar 19, 11:28:00 PM 2006  

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