Monday, April 03, 2006

Jean Schmidt and her degrees

I don't give two hoots about the Jean Schmidt-and-her-fake-degrees story. But what gets me is her chief of staff's explanation for the problem:

"The reason for the discrepancy, explained Schmidt's chief of staff Barry Bennett, is that the Miami Township Republican has completed the hours required to earn a second bachelor's degree, but she didn't collect it."

Speaking as someone who persued a college degree, took time off while I had "enough hours to earn a bachelor degree," and returned to school to actually obtain my degree, let me tell you, there's a HUGE difference between having that piece of paper and NOT having that piece of paper. "But she didn't collect it?" You don't "collect" a degree, it is granted to you by the university. Either you finished the coursework and earned it or you didn't.

While applying for jobs, I never put down that I HAD a colleege degree even though I had 1.5 times the needed credit hours for a degree. Yes I explained that in interviews, but I never misrepresented myself. What a silly thing to do but it says a lot.


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