Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Species and Cave Discovered

"Scientists say they have discovered eight previously unknown species of crustaceans and scorpion-like invertebrates living in an underground cave that has been sealed off for millions of years.

Geologists from Jerusalem's Hebrew university made the discovery at a quarry near Ramla in central Israel. They opened passages to a cave with a lake and a unique ecosystem 100 metres underground. Biologists discovered white crustaceans resembling shrimps and invertebrates looking like scorpions. Also in the cave were bacteria that serve as a food source.

"So far eight species were found in the cave, all of them unknown to science," said biologist Hanan Dimantman. "Every species examined had no eyes, so they lost their sight due to evolution. Apart from the scorpions, all are alive. The scorpions are dead but we are sure live scorpions are to be found under boulders.
Another truly amazing find for science. There is still so much on (and under) the face of Earth that we don't know about. Nasa was extremely important during the cold war and many, many products and inventions have stemmed from NASA. In recent decades, NASA has not been producing nearly the same results as it used to compared to the enourmous funding it recieves.

A new scientific branch with the sole purpose of discovery of our own planet is greatly needed. Will it ever happen? I highly doubt it. A small amount of federal funding reaches our universities, but it pales in comparison to the scope of NASA. Not to pick on NASA, there are many bloated agencies operating within the federal umbrella and its bureaucracy. It's not hard to recognize the possibilities and abilities of discovery from a federally funded research corp versus a professor or two and a handful of students. With scientists and a few corporations already scouring a few nooks and crannies of the globe for new compounds to benefit mankind, one would think a politician or two could see the merit in such an endeavor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Testing to see if this works first.

Mon Jun 05, 10:36:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay. I have trouble understand why a species would lose its eyes because of evolution. What reproductive advantage would that give them? Natural Selection is a remarkably simple concept as far as I can tell, but apparently I'm missing something.

Mon Jun 05, 10:39:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Steve said...

The eyes become vestigial organ. Intricate nerves and blood vessels make up the pretty amazing organ that is the eye along with the fact that the eyes are a vital organ that are located so closely to the more vital brain. Why waste the energy into developing something you'll never use? The organisms lose one sense and put extra resources to greatly developing and heightening the other sense organs.

Which organism will survive longer in completely darkness? The one with eyes that don't do squat or the one with the exceptionally developed sense of touch to the point it can detect the electrical activity firing in it's prey's nervous system?

Mon Jun 05, 11:16:00 PM 2006  

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