Monday, May 22, 2006

Iranian Dress Code Revisted

It greatly disturbs me when a news organization simply erases a news story from their website. That's what the National Post did with their story about a new law passed by Iranian officials which included a dress code to identify Jews and Christians. You can find a copy of that article here. A flurry of stories broke about the validity of the story and the National Post then published this article.

The Iranian government denies anything of the sort was passed. The National Post story continues to cast a shadow of doubt over the issue with their last article with an air of speculation. The main issue revolves around a law setting an Iranian dress code with traditional Islamic standards. Iranian officles have stated ideas were tossed around it's possible someone brought up clothing which identifies non-Muslims since that has been part of traditional Islamic dress in the past. Iranians are saying the concept was never part of the law.

So my question is what is the motivation of creating such a massive story on this premise knowing it would get much international press? Why the rush to print without confirmation? Why delete the story immediately without editorial or explanation? That story is a bold action which already stresses a pressing internationl juncture.

The blog Regime Change Iran has an excellent detailed post that closely follows this controversial reporting and policy. I can understand some hesitation on believing the statements that come out of Iran since they repeatedly stated their nuclear research was solely for the purpose of developing energy technology and it is now known Iran is persuing nuclear weapons technologies. But there doesn't seem to be any conclusive evidence that what the National Post first reported on dress code was factual.

UPDATE: This story is totally bogus and now talented folk out there a tracking down who did this, how, and why. These folks have done the research and taken action to look into the bogus stories: Antonia Zerbisias, Firedoglake, Taylor Marsh, and Juan Cole. The people behind this bogus story are pretty horrible people and seems the reasons for doing so are completely dubious. It's disgusting. People should be put in prison for something like. Inciting international alarm and panic and tensing already strained relations. The people behind this know what they were doing. It's sick.

UPDATE II: The Galloping Beaver makes great sense out of the story and those who began this ordeal.


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