Friday, April 28, 2006

Return of Friday Night Music Blogging!

I was extra busy last Friday and I'm a bit worn out this Friday night too. So I figured something a little different was in order.... Instrumentals. Not just classical or techno or old music without the lyrics. There were a lot I wanted to add, but I selected a few. Hope you enjoy!

Nickel Creek - Ode To A butterfly - Bluegrass
Miles Davis - What I Say - Jazz - This song was recorded live! It just blows me away. I would have loved to have seen something like this.
Kaki King - Ingots - Out of this world acoustic guitar - I've had the privelage of seeing Kaki live and the recording of this song doesn't so it justice. There's some added drum and cymbols, but that main base beat is her playing it on the guitar with the palm of her picking hand. Unreal? Yes.
Alice In Chains - Whale And Wasp - Hard to imagine that's all rock baby.
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Is Coming More jazz, more mellow than old Miles.
Pavement - Range Life - Alt. Rock - You know Pavement and Stephen Malkmus as the indie alt. rockers of yor, but I don't know what you classify this song under.

And the bonus song tonight:Postal Service - Natural Anthem - Lap Pop - A bonus because it starts and makes you think it's going to be an instrumental, but those last few words at the end...


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