Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Night Music Blogging

Tonight I figured I'd link to a few great videos. With all the money the music industry throws at videos, it's amazing how generic and repetative so many turn out.

Tool's Sober and Aenema. That's some dark claymation/stop motion animation. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the little guy in Sober does some freaky head and hand shaking in the video. I remember seeing this in a Marilyn Manson video a few years later. And a few years after that, that effect turned up in House on Haunted Hill. It's been in other places, but that Tool video is the first I remember seeing it.

Pearl Jam's Do The Evolution. They had Todd McFarlane do the animation on this one, after the movie Spawn came out. It's still pretty cool.

Run DMC Vs. Jason Nevins It's Like That. All right, it's cliche. West Side Story started it out. The horrid You Got Served a few years ago. But that song is awesome and it reminds me of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo".

Two from Kenna: Hell Bent and Free Time. I'd only seen each on TV a handful of times, but they're both great videos. Funny how they both kind of have the same message.

And last up, the White Stripes' Fell in Love with a Girl because I was never that skilled with Legos. As a bonus, this live clip from when the Stripes hosted an entire week of Conan O'Brien back in April 24th, 2003. I remember watching it on TV and came across the clip, so enjoy: Let's Build a Home/Goin' Back to Memphis/John the Revelator.


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