Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Conviction in NH phone jamming

Another conviction in this election day phone jamming scandal that took place in New Hampshire in 2002. I'm a bit floored at the lengths taken to stop people from voting.

Does this really point to the White House involement? It's a little hard to not think there is some level of attachment, but simply stating that phone calls were made between the Republican New England Regional Director and the White House on Election Day isn't very damning evidence. Now, if someone has records of what transpired in the phone conversations, you may have something. Yes, it's very coincidental seeing as how the man was just convicted. Plus it looks bad that the RNC paid for Tobin's legal expenses.

The White House phone records weren't used in this latest case, so I'm curious as to what the next step is in this set of proceedings and IF there is going to be another step.


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