Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Need to Move on Biodiesel

ADM breaks ground on it first fully biodiesel plant. There needs to be more of a push for biodiesel. According to the National Biodiesel Board there are 53 current biodiesel plants, 40 plants under construction with 4 plants making expansions, and 24 plants in the planning/pre-construction phase. For comparision sake, a list of U.S. oil refineries and the production. Biodiesel isn't anywhere close to comparison.

Biodiesel is beginning to get out there and I hope it's popularity continues to grow. It's not readily available in all areas. I wouldn't mind running one, but it's not exactly an everyday item. A map and list of retail biodiesel stations in the U.S. from the NBB.

It amazes me that George Washington Carver and Henry Ford first came up with the concept of using peanut oil to power diesel engines back in the 1930's. Back then, it wasn't cost efficient or practical and I don't think they were very preoccupied with eco-friendly fuels. You would think 70+ years of technology would have moved things along a little faster. I wonder why it hasn't caught on? Biodiesel Michigan has a great segment from a History Channel show about George Washington Carver, Biodiesel, and Henry Ford. I saw the show when it originally aired and this clip gives a great history on biodiesel. Watch it here.

On related news, my favorite quote from George W. Bush's speech on Energy today:
"And so we're strongly committed to corn-based ethanol produced in America. Yet there -- you just got to recognize there are limits to how much corn can be used for ethanol. After all, we got to eat some. And the animals have got to eat."
That's so eloquent. Bring on the Biodiesel!


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