Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Jim Webb Ad

For those who don't know the backstory, Jim Webb wrote an article in 1979 titled "Women Can't Fight". Webb has since apologized for the article and stated that he is comfortable with women in the military.

George Allen, with not much else mud to sling, crafted a commercial with women, who attended the Naval Academy at the publication date of Webb's article, speaking out against Webb. You can view it here. Take note that the women never verbally endorse Allen. One of those women who originally asked Webb to apologize has accepted Webb's apology and now supports and endorses him.

So in Jim Webb's latest ad, as seen above, the public can see that Webb has promoted the female's role in the military since writing that one article nearly 30 years ago. I'm rather curious what George Felix Allen has done for women in the military?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jesus Camp

I've been hearing a lotf buzz about the new documentary Jesus Camp. I've seen many of the same clips repeated on the news shows and listened to a handful of pundits comment on it while few have actually seen the film. Huffington Post has a post from the two directors about a mini tour they did recently with the release of the film. They also invited along the pastor from the camp and she joined them. I haven't seen the film and I'm holding out judgment not only for the obvious reason that I've yet to view it, but also because I attended a Catholic school for 8 years.

I'm sure if someone decided to film my school for a few select months out the many years I attended it, they could get some pretty funky and confusing footage. Not only that, I try to imagine the spotlight put on some of my grade school friends and interviewing them about something as confusing as faith and religion at such a young age, I know they would have spouted out some ramblimng, regurgitated, preached, oversimplified nonsense. And do they all believe in that same religion taught to them? I can firmly say, "No." And this was a religious school we attended 8 months of the year versus just a camp. Based on first impressions, the news and pundits aren't giving the kids in this film enough credit.

I do plan on seeing the silm and I'd like to see it in a theater, but it's not really being released anywhere near me (find listings here). So I may have to wait till DVD to see, but I might be able to check it out while traveling for work. Regardless, I'll post my review.

Election Time

This is how I feel at election time. I love that Lucy quote:
"Anyone can trust someone who's trustworthy... I'm giving you a chance to trust someone who is NOT trustworthy!"
Do I even need to link a current corruption or scandal story? I think there's enough out there right now that I'll let you pick and choose and conclude which news story best correlates to this comic strip.