Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jesus Camp

I've been hearing a lotf buzz about the new documentary Jesus Camp. I've seen many of the same clips repeated on the news shows and listened to a handful of pundits comment on it while few have actually seen the film. Huffington Post has a post from the two directors about a mini tour they did recently with the release of the film. They also invited along the pastor from the camp and she joined them. I haven't seen the film and I'm holding out judgment not only for the obvious reason that I've yet to view it, but also because I attended a Catholic school for 8 years.

I'm sure if someone decided to film my school for a few select months out the many years I attended it, they could get some pretty funky and confusing footage. Not only that, I try to imagine the spotlight put on some of my grade school friends and interviewing them about something as confusing as faith and religion at such a young age, I know they would have spouted out some ramblimng, regurgitated, preached, oversimplified nonsense. And do they all believe in that same religion taught to them? I can firmly say, "No." And this was a religious school we attended 8 months of the year versus just a camp. Based on first impressions, the news and pundits aren't giving the kids in this film enough credit.

I do plan on seeing the silm and I'd like to see it in a theater, but it's not really being released anywhere near me (find listings here). So I may have to wait till DVD to see, but I might be able to check it out while traveling for work. Regardless, I'll post my review.


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