Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Patrick Micheals not Virginia's State Climatologist

As I brought up in this Agonist diary and here at Granite Rock Sound, Virginia's "State Climatologist", Patrick Michaels, was being scrutinized. He's been the leading "scientist" claiming that global warming is a farce and the main support against global warming while taking money from utility companies and the energy industry.

And it turns out he never was Virginia's State Climatologist and VA Governor Tim Kaine has made it known officially now.

Well this should help the science revolving the real issue of global warming and hopefully increases the rate of production and implementation of solutions. Michaels can be anti-human-induction-global-warming all he wants and pursue that avenue of research. But to take money from the energy industry AND from VA taxpayers to produce information for the VA citizen is a clear conflict of interest. Being a state representative means a person refelcts the views for the state, not the vested interests of a lobbyist. The fact that he never really was "State Climatologist" and just claimed that he was year after year after year is just another slap in the face.

By taking away this title (and paycheck) should remove some of the fake clout his work has received. His work should be viewed as the fringe work that it is. It shouldn't be given more weight because of the title "State Climatologist" because he doesn't have that title and never did.

My biggest question is, "What happens to the $90K a year Micheals has been getting from the State of Virginia as 'State Climatologist'?" Who authorized those paycecks every year?
Photo from NOAA: Large plume of Saharan Desert dust blowing from Africa northeastward over the Mediterranean Sea and Greece.


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