Friday, August 11, 2006

Additions to the Blogroll

I've added a few new additions to the Blogroll and I'd like to note them here.

detroitblog. The images "John" captures of the decaying downtown Detroit buildings as well as the historical background of the areas he treks through is out of this world. An urban pioneer if there ever was one. The weekly Metro Detroit paper The Metro Times has nice a piece on what this site is about.

Waldo Jaquith. Waldo hails from Charlottesville, VA and writes with witty commentary on events surrounding Virginia politics. Along with Charlottesville City Councilor Kevin Lynch, Waldo's latest watch and research into VA State Climatologist Patrick Micheals should garner attention from anyone interested in global warming. Who is Patrick Michaels? He's the only State Climatologist to disagree with the global warming theory and he's bankrolled by utility companies.

Haduken. A mix of Virginia info, national interests and sometimes just plain randomness. Been checking them out for some time, but they had me with the post about The Greening of Planet Earth.

I hope you enjoy these additions and read them from time to time.


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