Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad New York times for dis-closing the classified financial program, but wait that was dis-closed years ago!

I love Keith Olberman. I'm getting so sick of the right wing(especially Bush and most importantly Cheney) blaming the Times for dis-closing these programs, especially when the public has a right to know how their freedoms are being infringed upon, and two when the government has already dis-closed programs like this. I really hope the public isn't stupid enough to believe this junk put out by our government. Hopefully they can now see through their lies and cover ups. Also (Steve pointed this out to me earlier) why only the Times? What about the other media outlets and the Wall Street Journal who also dis-closed information like this? Is it because this administration can't take the heat from these generally liberal newspapers that tell it like it is(and tells the public things they should know about), and decides to lie, cheat and steal to get rid of them? Me thinks so.


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